Installing smart lighting system for Khanh Hoi Bridge
Khanh Hoi Bridge crosses the Saigon River, connecting District 1 to District 7. The bridge is installed with linear LED lighting instead of using high pole like conventional lighting systems. The entire bridge lighting system is monitored and controlled through the smart lighting system provided by Vilight.
Smart Control lighting system in Hoi An City
In 2016, Hoi An City installed and operated an smart lighting control center. The system uses 3G transmission line to connect the control cabinets to the center. Smart Cabinet connect to each lamp control via RF868 Mhz radio, MESH - NETWORK network structure. At the control center, install and use the Smartware Version 2 software
Fine art lighting of the Revolutionary House - Vung Tau City
In 1991, the Viet Minh Committee headquarters was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a historical monument at the national level and renamed to the Traditional Revolutionary City. Vung Tau (No. 1 Ba Cu, Vung Tau City). Today, the Traditional Revolutionary City. Vung Tau is the headquarters of TP Cultural - Information - Sports Center. Vung Tau. Inside the two traditional floors are used as a library, exhibition, exhibition, meeting.
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